This form is only for Kits. Kits are a combination of items that are put together by our Kitting department. Please do not confuse this with "Bundle" A bundle is a combination of finished goods that Fulfillment bundles together in a given order.

Nature's Distribution will charge the customer to assign UPCs. The price will be going up substantially in the coming months.

Please include count/pack size, mg, scent or flavor, size of product if applicable

Ex Box Label

Stock Keeping Unit, is an alpha-numeric assigned to a product by the company for stock-keeping purposes and internal operations. This is our customer's internal identifier for the product.

LxWxH (length, width, height)

(Bill of Material)

Please include all raw materials including UBL part number if applicable, label, bottle, closure, oil number, shrink band, etc. Please list only part numbers and the corresponding quantity. For Example RM5045, 1

If no irregular Filling instructions, please state "Natures Distribution Standard Filling"

Please provide an extremely detailed list (ex. Place bottle in bubble wrap 2. Then place the bottle in the box etc.)

Including box size and quantity of product per box