This form is for products and client provided raw materials. (This includes post cards, replacement parts, catalogs etc.) If you are needing a kit, please also complete the "Kit Request" Form

We can't guarantee that urgent requests will be completed within the timeframe requested starting July 21, 2021 through August 31, 2021. Please plan accordingly. We appreciate your patience.

Only add one email here to this field.

Fishbowl is for any parts that are involved in Manufacturing and 3PL is for products that go through Fulfillment.

Only mark yes if this part will be used by the ND production team to create another product for a specific client.

The company that will own this product. The parent company may be the same as the "Brand". Part numbers will begin with the acronym associated with the parent company listed here.

Nature's Distribution will charge the customer to assign UPCs. The price will be going up substantially in the coming months.

Specify what brand this part belongs to.

Please include UOM (oz, ml, gal etc.) or "ct" for "Count". Type "NA" if not applicable to your product.

Please include scent or flavor if applicable.

If mg does not apply to this part, please type "NA"

Example: 2pk Please type "NA" if this does not apply to this part.

If this part needs to go on a Sales Order, it needs to be a "Product"

This price will automatically be added to Fishbowl Sales Orders and/or this price will be entered in 3PL as the "Sell Price" and will populate on Retail Fulfillment Invoices.

LxWxH (length, width, height)

If an unlabeled part already exists, please do NOT select "Yes" to this question and list the UBL part in the BOM details.

If you selected that this part needs a "UBL" part number, the bottle, cap, and oil from the BOM materials listed below will be added to the UBL BOM. The BOM instructions for this part will match the UBL part number BOM.

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